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Turkey and Solder –or– Busy Busy!

After a whirlwind of activity, a lot of which I need to document here, I’m back online!

First of all, I wish you a Merry New Year and for those that took time off this season. Hopefully you’re back with renewed vigor to tackle that project you’ve had on your mind, or an old project that’s on your workbench.

Me? I couldn’t stop working away. Time off feels is nice; I put my toys aside while working on projects at work, and having time off gives me the time to work on my personal projects. I can only describe it as a runner’s high.

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Repair Restoration

The Mono Pioneer TX-8100 Problem

A couple years back my then-girlfriend said ‘hey, you fix stereos–I want a stereo!’¬†And so a Christmas gift was born.

I found a Pioneer QA-800A quad amplifier with a bad channel and lots of DC offset as well as a matching tuner, a Pioneer TX-8100 with a few bulbs out. Both were sold as-is and that was fine with me! I picked them up from the post office and set to work.

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